Interview: Director Marco Alessi on Choreography of ‘Four Quartets’ 2019

I love working with James for the passion, drive, and energy he brings to every job.
James is adept at working under pressure to hit tight deadlines, casting across a huge range of dancers including many of his valuable personal contacts and at collaborating with non-professional dancers I have forced him to magically transform into ballroom professionals. He has choreographed across a highly diverse range of styles for me and each time delivered on brief and with quality.
— Alexander Darby | Joyrider Films
It was an absolute pleasure to work with such a talented professional.
James worked hard to create a beautiful routine and drill the dancers in a very short space of time.
He brought passion and energy on set and was able to interpret and actualise my directorial notes.
— Ben Cohen | Zoya Films
Both attentive to the director’s vision and highly capable of generating helpful creative ideas of his own. James worked with each actor individually guiding them through the moves and making sure that the sequences were effective and safe to perform. He is a brilliant choreographer and a fantastic team-member to have onboard.
— Vanya Gostev | REC Creative Studios
Collaborating with James was a tremendous joy. He understood my vision very well and demonstrated a great devotion to it throughout. He was able to turn my ideas into beautiful movements in such a short time frame and did so with a positive and professional attitude.
He pushed the dancers to bring out their best potential but always made sure to take care of their individual needs.
— Aslı Umut Demirbilek | Studio Asbo
I worked with James on a music video involving 10 performers and 10 supporting artists. The way he worked with them all to create fluidity and structure in the collective dance routine was very impressive, and also very reassuring as a director. I’d highly recommend working with James. His methods and attitude on set is superb.
— Kjetil Alexander Gudmestad